Income Tax

For all IT professionals and Frequent Travelers outside India

Get your Tax residency status for the year ended March 2019 by downloading this easy to use Resident Status Calculator. All you need to do is:

§  Fill details of travel outside India – You can get this information from your passport.

§  Confirming if travel was for employment purposes or not.

§  Filling in details of travel in the last seven and ten years.

There are three types of residency statuses for tax purposes – Non-resident, Resident and Resident but not Ordinarily resident. Your taxable income is determined by your residency status.

Important: As per the new forms prescribed by CBDT, the number of days spent outside India in 2019 (182 days or more or 60 days or more) is now mandatory in ITR 2. You can calculate the same using the calculator.

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