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E verification after filing your return is equally important. Your return will not be processed unless you e verify your return. Earlier it was necessary to send a duly signed physical copy of the acknowledgement (ITR V) to CPC, Bengaluru. However, now within 120 days from filing your return you can do the e verification by any of the following means:

1)      E verification through Aadhar card OTP:

If your Aadhar card is linked with your PAN card, then you can e verify your ITR using this option.

Visit and log in using your User id and password. (User id is your PAN card number). In the Dashboard Menu option, click on View returns/Forms. Select the Income tax returns from the drop down list and click on submit. You will see a list of all the ITRs uploaded by you and also the ITR which is pending for E verification. Click on the tab which says “click here to view your returns pending for e verification”. Click on E verify and the following options will be available:

Option1. I already have an EVC to e verify my return.

Option2. I do not have an EVC and I would like to generate EVC to e verify my return.

Option3. I would like to use Aadhar OTP to e verify my return.

Click on option 3 if you want to use your Aadhar OTP for e verification. Click on “I would like to generate Aadhar OTP now. You will receive the Aadhar OTP on the mobile number registered with UIDAI. Fill in the OTP and click on Submit. If the OTP mentioned by you is correct then your E verification will be successful.

2)      E verification using Net Banking:

If your bank is authorized to facilitate e verification through net banking and if your PAN card is validated via KYC then you can use this option.

Log in to e filing portal through net banking. Go to E verify return option once you are redirected to the government efiling portal. Select “My Account” and an EVC (electronic verification code) will be generated which will be sent to your registered email id and your mobile number. You can e verify your ITR using the EVC thus generated.

 3)      E verification through Bank ATM:

If your bank is registered with the IT department to facilitate e verification facility, then you can use this option.

Swipe your ATM card and click on generate PIN for e verification. The pin will be sent to your registered mobile number and you can use this pin on the government e filing portal to e verify your return.

4)      E-verification through Demat account:

First you need to provide your depository details on government e-filing portal which should be confirmed by the depository. Then select profile setting on portal and pre-validate your demat account. Choose verification mode as EVC using a demat account. You will receive EVC on your registered mobile number. Enter this EVC on e-filing portal to complete the verification process.

5)      Offline mode:

If you are unable to e verify using any of the above mentioned online modes, you can still verify your return by sending a duly signed physical copy of ITR V to CPC Bangalore.

Please note the following dos and don’ts if you wish to send a physical copy.

·         The ITR-V is to be sent in A4 size envelope.

·         Please send the ITR-V only via Normal Post or Speed Post only. Do not courier the same.

·         The ITR-V should be printed through Jet/Laser printer & not from a Dot Matrix printer.

·         Do not print anything on the back of the ITR-V.

·         The paper should not be perforated or folded at all.

·         Do not use a stapler or attach any other document along with the ITR-V.

·         Do not send a photocopy of the signature. Please sign and send the same document.

·         Do not write anything on the paper except the signature.

·         The signature is done by the return filer only and should be in BLUE ink only.

·         Print should be clear and in black ink only.


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