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Project img 1 Nagraj Joshi Software professional

Nice financial plan

Being a software person, budgeting and financial planning were always difficult to understand. The team at RupeeTax made an excellent financial plan detailing steps I need to take to balance my investments. The questions they asked helped me think about finances in a different way.

Project img 2 Swaroop Kulkarni Corporate Trainer

Helped save tax

I was always confused about the deductions under Section 80C, 80 D which all sounded the same. The team at RupeeTax explained which deductions applied to me and how to claim these when filing the return. This saved me several thousand rupees in tax.

Project img 1 Archana Bhanap Home Maker

Sold loss making investments thanks to RupeeTax

RupeeTax’s advise on financial planning helped me decide which investments to hold on and which to sell. When I see the prices of the investments, I sold decline in 2018 and 2019, I remember RupeeTax for their timely help.

Project img 1 Ram Vardhan Singh Accounts Executive

Thanks to RupeeTax, I hate taxes that much less

Despite being in the accounts team of a large corporate, the income tax forms always appeared complicated to me with so many different rows and columns. RupeeTax helped reduce the pain of filing the return through their service.

We Have Helped

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Why Rupee Tax

Most accurate return

Filing tax returns is a serious business. We pride ourselves on filing the most accurate tax returns. Controls in our software flag off potential errors which are then validated by tax experts. This reduces risk of getting notices from tax authorities.

Data security

Your data is precious. RupeeTax uses two-layered security and encryption to ensure safety of your information.

Tax advice and not just return filing

We know you have many choices to file your return. Our software guides you from time to time during the return filing process on deductions you may have missed. Our tax experts are just a call away. Remember!!! Making every rupee count is our motto.

Financial planning

How many times have you stared out of your office window and wondered when you would live your dreams. Our experts ensure that you get the best advice to maximise returns from your hard earned money. For starters, you can try our free financial plan.